Character Profile: Frostclaws

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Theme Song: "Begin" by Me vs Gravity

Instrumental Theme: "Winterspell" by Two Steps From Hell

by Freakzter

Frostclaws by KareKare

Species: Shivertooth

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft 2 in. (at the withers)

Rider: Norbert Haugen

Home: Berk

Speed: 18

Firepower: 15

Shot Limit: 4

Favorite Food: Northern Wolffish

Favorite Island: Icestorm Island

Favorite Activities: Pranking, racing, and belly-sledding

Abilities: Frost-breathing, sharpshooting, speed flying

Saddle: A smooth leather saddle that prevents his rider from getting lacerations due to his sharp scales.

Appearance: General appearance of a Shivertooth: blue with white stripes, purple wings, and glowing blue, pupiless eyes that seem to pierce the soul. His scales are sharp, his spines even sharper, and his claws as sharp as the cold of winter itself.

Personality: Frostclaws is a typical Shivertooth: cunning, mischevious, quick-witted, and a prankster. In a typical situation, he is not what you would call "trustworthy"; in fact, he can be downright devious. He'll let anyone ride him, but he'll generally try to throw his rider off at some point during the ride just for the fun of it. If he's not ridden regularly, he can become unmanageable. He's always ready for adventure and can even be a fit goofy and fanboyish. Like Norbert, Frostclaws is clever and loves a good trick, but, also like his rider, he has a "saving people" thing that gives him a penchant for heroism. But despite his fun-loving and noble nature, Frostclaws can be very unforgiving. He's not the kind for second chances and has been known to take revenge. Threaten him or his loved ones, and you will find yourself facing an icy death. This change can make him seem two-faced; one face is the fun-loving, goofy friend you want on your side in a prank war and the other is the force of nature itself that will frighten you with his ruthlessness and utter savagery.

Strengths: Fast, brave, cunning, intelligent, cold-resistant, super sharp, high stealth, sharpshooting abilities

Flaws/Weaknesses: Easily overheated, weak-jawed, vengeful, goofy, proud, hot-tempered

Worst Fear: Being unable to save his friends

Backstory: Frostclaws first encounted the young Hooligan Viking Whisper when she was in a bit of a crisis. Whisper and her Woolly Howl Winterwind had gotten separated. Frostclaws, then a wild Shivertooth who lived in the forest, was at first intending to kill the human intruder until Whisper proved she came in peace. Delighted, the Shivertooth, who was a bit lonely at the time, began pranking her constantly as she continued to try to find Winterwind. Eventually Whisper, frustrated by the pranks that her slowing her down and overwhelmed at having lost her best friend, broke down and cried. Seeing the human he had come to enjoy scaring was sad, the Shivertooth tried to make peace and was surprised by Whisper's angry rejection of his advances. But when he stuck his nose in her lap, Whisper realized the dragon might be able to help her. She rode the Shivertooth out to find and rescue Winterwind. After getting her dragon back, Whisper found the Shivertooth following them home. Whisper made a home for him in her stable and named him Frostclaws, but he kept getting into trouble around Berk. Eventually her friend Norbert started keeping up with him, partly because he thought the dragon was "really cool." Frostclaws became fond of both humans, but after he rescues Norbert from falling through the ice while skating, Whisper realizes the two belong together and gifts Frostclaws to Norbert. Frostclaws now considers Norbert his best friend and wouldn't have any other rider, but he's still fond of Whisper and wishes the two would get together so he could have them both.

Bond Between Norbert and Frostclaws: These two are buddies with ups, downs, and mostly light-hearted boyish behavior banding them together. One gets an idea, and the other happily follows along because their minds just seem in-sync. But they operate alone as well; when Norbert is being "boring" by tending his father's sheep or sitting around talking to Whisper or Colby, Frostclaws would rather wander around Berk getting into trouble. And Norbert does not appreciate cleaning up his messes later. Frostclaws also likes to play tricks on Norbert just as he does anyone else. Even while flying, Norbert has to keep on his guard in case Frostclaws gets bored and decides to toss him off for fun. Norbert handles it well, taking it all in good humor and thinking of it as "fun" rather than annoying. But do not be decieved; Frostclaws may throw Norbert around like a ragdoll, but he can be extremely protective of his boy. When real danger strikes, he will fight with him, feeling invincible so long as they fight together, and if Norbert is comprised, he will be his guardian. Separate them against their will, and Frostclaws will fly into a blind rage. Harm Norbert, and Frostclaws might kill you outright.

Dragon Info Card by zero the ruthless

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