Character Profile: Norbert Haugen

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Norbert Haugen

Theme Song: "Art of War" by We the Kings

Instrumental Theme Song: "Spirit of Freedom" by Peter Crowley

Norbert the Nutcase by Pixel

Nickname: Norbert the Nutcase

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Weight: 141 pounds

Height: 5 ft 9 in.

Clan: Hairy Hooligans

Home: Berk

Favorite Food: Pork

Favorite Dragons: Shivertooth, Skrill, and Night Fury

Favorite Island: Icestorm Island

Favorite Activities: Racing, fighting, skiing, competing, and exploring

Dragons: Frostclaws (Male Shivertooth), Thistle (Female Prickleboggle), and Carsten (Male Terrible Terror)

Appearance: Blonde with deep blue eyes, pale skin, and sharp cheekbones with a wiry build. He is usually dressed in warm furs because he spends a lot of his time in cold places. However, his clothes are easy to move in; being an archer, he needs to be quick and nimble. When flying with Frostclaws, he often wears a very simple flight suit, with straps to attach himself to the saddle if he so chooses.

Personality: Norbert is brash, snarky, sarcastic, outgoing, arrogant, naive, sometimes a trickster, and prone to situational insanity. (Jumping off a cliff with a rope tied around your waist? Sounds legit. Flaming mask? Sure.) Sometimes he's just a rebel without a cause. Blind bravery is probably his greatest strength...though some call it recklessness. If he needs to fight, he'll fight to the bitter end, and if it's not taking a dark turn, he might even have fun with it! But don't think he'll just bombard you with brute strength and skill; Norbert likes to use his cunning and cleverness against his friends and enemies. He seeks glory in all he does: in battle as a warrior, as a racer, as an archer. But, even with a penchant for tricks (and maybe even a little thievery) he has a strong moral code...even if it is lacking in some areas. He's selfless to a fault, heroic, and undaunted by authority. He will help even the most random of strangers and jump into the midst of danger without batting an eye. However, push the right buttons, and he'll find that he's not above killing or revenge. Most importantly, his spirit is strong and seemingly impossible to matter what you put him through. Take his friends, take his family, take his home, take his strength...and he'll only fight harder.

Strengths: Brave, humorous, clever, extroverted, cold-tolerant, sharpshooter, strong morals, strong spirit, heroic

Flaws/Weaknesses: Tricky, sarcastic, arrogant, naive, prone to questionable behaviors, vengeful, a bit of a thief, glory-seeking, reckless

Worst Fear: Doesn't know; under the delusion that he's "fearless"

Abilities: Excellent archer, decent axe-man, skilled flyer and racer, handles cold well

Weapons: Bow and arrow

Norbert can "shoot a fly off a yak's nose"...or so he claims. His friends can confirm that he can shoot with accuracy from 250 yards away. These bow skills are used in hunting and in battle. Instead of using the traditional longbow, Norbert prefers to use a recurve bow. It is made of yew, sinew, and horn and held together with resin and glue, and it is asymmetric, with the upper limb longer than the lower to make it better suited for use on dragonback. He also has a bone thumb ring that he uses to protect his thumb when shooting a bow. The ring is decorated with intricate carvings in the form of a stag.

Norbert is actually decent with an axe - especially throwing it - but he doesn't like to carry things that weigh him down. This includes a shield. He'll only grab an axe and shield if it appears he will have to engage in close combat. Generally if forced in close quarters, Norbert will try to dodge blows and get out. He is light and agile on his feet, so he can often do pretty will with this strategy.

Backstory: Norbert is the son of a shepherd, Thughead Haugen, who is about as traditional a Viking as one gets, honing skills, getting into axe-throwing contests, and enjoying long nights in the Great Hall with the other men drinking large kegs of beer. Norbert's mother, Dollop the Big, is a portly woman who mostly keeps house and tries to run after her naughty children all the time. Norbert's younger sister Munchy is 8 years younger than himself, and while he finds her annoying, he vowed as a young child that the only one allowed to mess with her was himself. Norbert and Munchy both grew up having to help with the sheep, but Norbert especially has gotten a lot of talk from Thughead about being a good shepherd...a sour point for Norbert, as he longs for adventure and finds sheep-watching boring.

Norbert has many friends on Berk. The Thorston twins think he's good fun, if a bit too light-hearted with his jokes. Robin Blomgren, another boy of the village, often joins Norbert in his troubles, and the two learned to form a troublesome teen duo when the time was right. One of the girls of the village, Alva, has a crush on him, one he'll take advantage of if he can. (Give him a chance, and he'll be a womanizer.) He even managed to gain the trust of Colby, by far the least joyful or social boy in the village. Norbert's best (human) friend is Whisper, a shy but blunt girl from a small farmhouse outside of town. As a child, he and all the other children were told to give Whisper space because she was the Winter Child of illegitimate birth. The best way to ensure that Norbert will do something is to tell him not to do it, and so he hung out with Whisper whenever he got the chance and came to like how candid he can be with her. While she might not always be as fun as someone like Robin, Norbert feels he can tell her things he can't tell anyone else, and she often tempers some of his crazier, less-than-wise ideas.

Aimless and rebellious, Norbert has tried to find a place as a member of the Berk Guard and as a dragon racing champion with his best friend, his Shivertooth Frostclaws, a dragon with whom he bonded with due to a similar taste for trickery, adventure, and competitiveness. But nothing ever seems to be enough. He often longs to leave Berk just to see what else is out there, but few will hear of his crazy imaginings; only Whisper ever lets him entertain these thoughts with any sort of interest and consideration.


"Don't make it weird."

"Everything was under control. ...More or less."

"And they say cowards have no sense of humor."

"You're the one with the plans, and I'm the one with the bow and arrow. We all got our things."

"We don't always get second chances."

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