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Theme Song: "Battle Scars" by Paradise Fears

Instrumental Theme: "Magic of Love" by Two Steps From Hell

Winterwind Gif by Nessie

Species: Woolly Howl

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft 2 in. (at the withers)

Rider: Whisper Norling

Home: Berk

Speed: 18

Firepower: 14

Shot Limit: 6

Favorite Food: Cookies

Favorite Island: Icestorm Island

Favorite Activities: Exploring, stunts, speed flying, eating cookies, and spending tranquil time with her rider

Abilities: Blizzard flying, shoots hailstones, speed flying, can use claws on wings to cling to mountainsides, high intelligence

Saddle: None; uses a collar

Appearance: General appearance of a Woolly Howl, complete with brown coloring, pale belly, purple eyes, an underbite with large lower canines, clawed wings, fine back scales, even finer side scales, and a "beard." Winterwind's skull is slightly indented on the left side, giving her a squinty left eye, and her legs bear faint scars, with a particularly nasty on on her left hind leg. Some of her teeth on the left side of her head are missing. None of this is really noticeable unless you look very closely, and all are old injuries. When being ridden, she bares a simple leather collar for Whisper to hold onto, which buckles around her neck.

Personality: A sweet, kind-hearted individual, Winterwind, sometimes just called "Winter," is not the kind to harm even a fly. Even children may hug her neck without fear. She is also extremely social with other dragons. However, she does have trust issues with humans. While just about anyone who does not seem of ill intent can approach her, no one but those who have won her trust over time can ask her to do anything new or dangerous. New riders will find her difficult to near-impossible to ride smoothly. Once her trust is won, however, Winterwind's love is undying. Like her rider, she is a pack-like individual and will do whatever she needs to do to save those she calls her friends or family. She is brave and never backs down in the face of danger, but she will never seek a fight if she can see an alternative and has a strict "no kill" policy for dragons and humans. Curious and a lover of exploration, she is nonetheless a fairly calm dragon (at least when she's had enough exercise). She's also blunt, refusing to listen to her rider when she knows better and often saving Whisper from her own recklessness. However, Winterwind can be easily distracted, which doesn't bode well when her smarts need to be called upon, and her cool demeanor can be shattered by being separated or by being confined.

Strengths: Fast, physically strong, great endurance, brave, loyal, intelligent, fairly level-headed, humble, pain-tolerant, cold-resistant

Flaws/Weaknesses: Easily overheated, fur-like scales not fireproof, fur-like scales can get waterlogged when wet and weigh her down, easily distracted, claustrophobic, has separation anxiety, sometimes insecure, addicted to cookies, very picky eater

Worst Fear: Losing her loved ones, as she's done before

Backstory: Winterwind was found by Whisper tangled in blackthorn after a blizzard. The Howl was half-starved and alone. Whisper cut her free and lured her to Berk with cookies to have her wounds tended. Winterwind never tried to hurt a human but always seemed wary when they wanted to touch her and was all-around uncooperative in her recovery. Only Whisper got some sliver of trust, and getting her complete faith took a lot of time. Their start was rocky but necessary for Winterwind to get well. By the time Winterwind was better, she had decided to stay with Whisper. While the blackthorn appears to have been responsible for the leg scars, the indent in Winterwind's skull and missing teeth was already there when Whisper found her, and as of yet, Whisper still doesn't know where her old injury came from or how she ended up half-starved, alone, and tangled in blackthorn.

Bond Between Whisper and Winterwind: It's more of a partnership than anything; Winterwind, while a tad co-dependent on Whisper's company, is often just as much a guide to Whisper as Whisper is to her. The two feel they need each other, and both tend to aid in calling the shots. Their bond is so strong that they sometimes seem to read each other's minds and are rarely seen without the other. However, they still have their disagreements sometimes and have moments where their teamwork isn't completely flawless. Their character arches are also opposing; while Whisper's experiences and adventures with Winterwind teach her to open up and love others, Winterwind's arch is to learn to be more independent, less protective, and, sometimes, to let go.

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