Son of the Sea: Characters

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Son of the Sea

Years ago, a baby's basket floated up beside the boat of Bo Fisker, a fisherman from Berk. The baby, who had a strange pendant around his neck, was very small and sickly, but Bo brought him back to Berk, and Gothi was able to save the child, who they called Dylan. The Fisker couple offered the baby a home, and all of Berk aided in raising him. He spent time with different families and never really felt rooted in any of them. Dylan kept the pendant his whole life, his only clue of where he came from.

Dylan loved to swim in the sea, but when he was 7 years old, he noticed a dragon watching him. This scared him. He told the grown-ups about it, and they searched for the dragon to kill it but never found it. Dylan continued to feel like he was being watched whenever he went down to the water.

Two years later, Hiccup befriended Toothless and defeated the Red Death. Knowing now that humans and dragons could be friends, Dylan finally decided to let the dragon that had been watching him approach him. She was a friendly Sliquifier, and Dylan named her Splashwing. Bo claims he remembers seeing Splashwing the day he found Dylan’s basket; it’s theorized that she may have pushed his basket to the boat and had been watching over him for some time.

The two grew closer over the years and began flying out to sea to explore, coming back only at the end of the day. When Dylan was 12 or 13 (his birthday being unknown), Trader Johann claimed he saw the symbol on Dylan's pendant on one of his trade goods and told him where he got it. Inspired by Hiccup and the other dragon riders searching for new lands with the Dragon Eye at the time, Dylan wanted to follow his own wanderlust for good as well and find out where he came from. With Bo’s seafaring sailing boat, a falchion and shield from Gobber, a copy of The Book of Dragons from Fishlegs, supplies from the Fisker family, and Stoick’s blessing, Dylan set out to sea with his dragon swimming happily alongside his boat. Their adventures begin on the distant waves.


Theme Song: "Used to Be" by Arrows to Athens

Instrumental Theme: "A Tale of Sea Dragons" by Marcus Warner

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Species: Human

Gender: Male

Dragon: Splashwing

Weapons: Falchion sword

Dylan is pretty much short for his age, with messy black hair and sea-green eyes. His natural skin color is ivory white, but as he journeys, he develops a tan. His face is rather narrow and his form slim with a strong upper body due to frequent swimming. Though very fit, he's kind of slow and clumsy on land. Dylan is gentle, trusting, carefree, and adventurous. He will take anything and everything thrown at him and simply plow through it with a smile. However, his willingness to trust makes him extremely gullible. His positivity is strong enough that sometimes he comes off as an idealist or wayward dreamer and will not always accept the reality in front of him. And while his temper is hard to trigger, when he does get one, he practically explodes. Adventurous is an understatement; Dylan's wanderlust is neverending and keeps him on the high seas. His personal quest and curiosity are about his own origins. Dylan's greatest failing, however, is probably his reliability. He's not very good at following through with things and finishing what he started. He's too carefree to worry about things, even when he really should. Mackerel is his favorite food (although he also has a soft spot for mussels in yak butter), and when it comes to dragons, he's always most interested in the Tidal Class.


Theme Song: "Runaway" by We the Kings

Instrumental Theme: "Ocean Kingdom" by Two Steps From Hell


Species: Sliquifier

Gender: Female

Human: Dylan

Saddle: A small and slime saddle made of waterproof sealskin

Splashwing treats Dylan like a son or younger brother. She is gentle, friendly, trustworthy, and loyal to a fault. There's not a mean bone in her body. Unfortunately, she's not always the bravest dragon in the sea and would much rather flee than fight. She's also not the thinking type and will jump into a situation before she's thought it through or considered all her options. Nuturing and motherly, she's really only fierce and brave when a young one she's chosen to protect is in danger (like Dylan). She's (understandably) absolutely terrified of Scauldrons and can lose her wits about her if one's about.

Murphy Storstrand

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Dragons: Seacry

Weapon: Knife, Ax

Murphy, captain of the little vessel the Unsinkable II, was a man down on his luck, who had lost most of his crew due to his inability to pay them. With a shock of red hair; a scraggly, short beard; blazing blue eyes; and a stout build, he looks the part of a Viking. This smarmy sailor rescued Dylan when the boy nearly drowned in the sea after Riptide's first attack. Though a bit of a grumpy lout and an alcoholic with a penchant for profanity, Dylan finds Murphy does have a good heart when he decides to help the boy out. He starts to actually enjoy the boy's cooking and eventually even his company (despite Dylan's quip about asking, "What happened to Unsinkable I?") After a few misadventures, they decide to stay together, and the Unsinkable II becomes their home base. Although not an ideal role model, Murphy nevertheless becomes a father figure to young Dylan.



Species: Thunderdrum

Gender: Female

Human: Murphy Storstrand

Saddle: A large sealskin saddle that is not unlike Thornado's but more seat-like and made to accommodate multiple people

Murphy eventually gets his own dragon, a grumpy female Thunderdrum named Seacry. She quickly becomes a main member of their group. She's a boisterous protector and often the muscle of the group. She's got quite a bit of spunk and generally gets things her way. When challenged, she has a fighting spirit. In terms of associating with people, including Murphy, she's not very cuddly; she can be kind of standoffish and strong-willed. But don't be fooled; she is faithful and protective. Her love is stern, but it is true. Seacry is a headstrong natural leader who quickly asserts herself over the dragons that come to sail with the Unsinkable II, including Splashwing. Due to her large size, she can't really ride in the ship but is almost always swimming near or under it.


Theme Song: "Black Water" by Of Monsters and Men

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Dragon: Fjord

Weapons: Knife, Axe

Sharkfist is Murphy's first mate and navigator. She's got curly black hair, brown eyes, high cheekbones, a tall frame, and the darkest skin ever seen in the Archipelago. Sharkfist was enslaved in her native land when she was only a child and was sold north among the Viking people. In Norway, she eventually fought for her freedom and stowed away on a trading ship, soon applying what her father had taught her in the Mediterrean to sailing the Norwegian Sea. She is now a sailor, fisherman, and viking raider in Murphy's crew and, though she constantly bad-mouthes him (especially when she's been drinking), she's surprisingly loyal to her captain. The tough life? She knows it well, and she's never relinquishing her freedom again. She hates having her dark complexion or the fact that she's a woman pointed out to her. And she's not someone you want to anger. She's got a hard fist, quick wit, and a tongue that could strip paint. They say she got her name from wrestling a shark with her fists. As for her real one knows it, and she's keeping it that way.



Species: Sand Wraith

Gender: Male

Human: Sharkfist

Saddle: Leather saddle not unlike a Night Fury saddle, only raised in the middle to accomodate Fjord's spines

Dylan doesn't initially have the best time with this dragon, who he meets when washed up on a fjord beach separated from the rest of the crew. This fellow is a right nasty piece of work...not evil, vicious, or cruel, just annoying. And maybe slightly sadistic. He's a sneak who likes setting people up in awkward or painful situations for his own amusement, and he's a grump whenever you ask him to do anything at all. Plus, he's intelligent, which means he can be kind of creative about how he wants to annoy you. But he does actually care for his rider and crew as family deep down...very deep deep down as the hole he dug in the beach sand... In fact, if you're in a sticky situation, he's actually very trustworthy. He may not be the best friend to have in most situations, but when the going is tough, he is a dragon you want as your ally, steadfast and true when it counts. Thankfully Sharkfist can handle him even when he's feeling uncooperative...though she's one of the few people who can.

Spitz Olsen

Theme Song: "Roll With the Wind" by Alexander Rybak

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Dragon: Sparky

Weapons: Ax, mace, cane

This old man is the shipwright and cook on the Unsinkable II. He's a bit past his prime. As a young man, he ran from commitment to a young woman and still ponders the "what if" of it all. For most of his life, he's been at sea, avoiding settling down. He now has trouble finding work because of his age and so agrees to work for the down-on-his luck Murphy. He likes to talk about the old days, particularly how pirating used to be bloody business back in his day. Despite this talk, he's generally a genial man who likes to play lively tunes on his rebec (a Norse violin-like instrument) when he's feeling good and thinks the mood needs lifting. However, he does get cranky when his joints are acting up. (Don't joke with him when it's about to rain.) He's also the most knowledgeable out of the group, being the oldest, and knows things such as where to find scurvy grass (a medicinal plant that Icelandic sailors have used for hundreds of years to prevent scurvy). He can be a bit hard to live with sometimes, though; just ask his three ex-wives.



Species: Shockjaw

Gender: Male

Human: Spitz Olsen

Saddle: None; unrideable

Murphy met this troublesome Shockjaw and found himself being zapped. This fun-loving guy decided to follow Murphy home after he basically got stuck in an underground cavern. Once back at the ship, Spitz discovered the chirpy fellow had a thorn in his flipper. He pulled it out, and the Shockjaw took a shine to him immediately. He's gentle with his older companion, but his pluckiness makes old Spitz feel young again and matches his flighty spirit. And they can enjoy music together; Sparky loves to listen to Spitz's rebec. Like all Shockjaws, Sparky can't be ridden due to the high spine on his back, but that doesn't mean he isn't useful to Spitz when it comes to ship maintenance.



Species: Scauldron

Gender: Male

Wild Dragon


Riptide is the name Dylan gives a mighty Scauldron. He and Splashwing meet this character not long after leaving Berk's shores. Riptide was leading a pod at the time. He first sees Splashwing as a meal, and Dylan's ship is sunk while defending her. Dylan manages to strike him across the face, leaving a nasty scar and making him lose some teeth. This causes him to lose his place in his pod. Since then, Riptide has wanted revenge on Dylan and has stalked him. While doing so, he also seeks to finally have Splashwing as a meal. Scauldrons might just be Dylan's least favorite Tidal Class dragon after some of these encounters.

Harry the Perilous

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Dragon: None

Weapons: Sword, Ax, Mace, Crossbow

Harry the Perilous is a ruthless viking raider, with curly black air, a scraggly beard, and piercing blue eyes. Raiding is his prime occupation in summer, and he's taken it to a nearly military level. Unlike Murphy's crew, he doesn't hold people at sword-point and take their loot; he prefers to slaughter everyone. He's also done a bit of gambling with Murphy...and put the man in debt to him. Harry's reputation does precede him, and it's well-earned. This is not a man to cross. Murphy has managed to cross him by not paying him, and Dylan convinced Murphy's crew to defend a village from one of Harry's bloody raids. Furthermore, Harry recognized the pendant around Dylan's neck and seemed to have decided he would be better off if Dylan were dead. Dylan doesn't yet know why. Since all of this, Harry has not been hunting them, instead caught up in his own pursuits, but any chance he can take to kill them, he'll try. And due to trying to protect people from his murderous raids, Murphy and crew often get in his way. As of now, Harry is trying to form a plan to get the crew's dragons out of the way should they meet again...

Kaylee Moar

Theme Song: "Sailing" by Celtic Woman

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Dragon: Freyasfang

Weapons: None

Kaylee Moar is a girl about Dylan's age who comes from the island of Drookit, which lies south of the Barbaric Archipelago but north of the Orkney Islands. Strawberry blonde with hazel eyes and left-handed, Kaylee is a lanky girl with very fair skin and freckles. Murphy's crew had wintered on Drookit for years, but it was only when Kaylee noted a wiry dark-haired boy with a dragon among them that she became intrigued...and slightly infatuated. This infatuation led her to befriending Dylan and his dragon Splashwing, and the two grow closer every winter he spends with her. She revels in his story and he in her heart and giddiness. Spring now brings Kaylee sorrow because it means Dylan will set sail again soon.


Species: Horse

Gender: Male

Human: Kaylee

Saddle: Traditional horse saddle and bridle, but often bareback

Kaylee raised this young animal as a foal, and he is now her trusty steed. They are best friends and go everywhere together. Flinkur is an energetic animal but never flighty, remaining and well-behaved until the moment is right to go for a gallop! Kaylee can ride him without a saddle and even without a bridle, and he seems almost to read her mind. When Dylan first meets them, he likens their relationship as being like that between a dragon and rider, which Kaylee smartly retorts that it's exactly the same thing and a dragon's intelligence and power shouldn't be mistaken for their love being any stronger than that of any other animal.



Species: Windwalker

Gender: Female

Human: Kaylee Allaway

Saddle: None

Kaylee loved flying on Splashwing, so when she and Dylan come across a gentle but playful Windwalker, Dylan helps Kaylee train a dragon of her own. Freyasfang has helped Kaylee fulfill her dream of flying high into the air beyond the clouds. She can fly to the highest peaks through the roughest storms. But for all her high-flying abilities, Freyasfang is a very gentle and sweet creature who wouldn't hurt a fly. She's a very cautious creature; even Splashwing seems butch compared to her. But if her friends need protecting, she can find her tenaciousness! Freyasfang isn't quite the same as Flinkur to Kaylee, but Kaylee loves her all the same.


Theme Song: "Song of the Sea" by Lisa Hannigan

Instrumental Theme: "Transendence" by Audiomachine


Species: Tide Glider

Gender: Female

Wild Dragon


When Dylan is badly wounded after another run-in with Riptide, Splashwing takes him to her friend, a Tide Glider, who uses her healing saliva to save Dylan. Dylan names her Wavedancer and is in awe of the creature, quickly becoming friends with her, but the skittish dragon flees when Murphy and crew find them. Sometimes, when Splashwing wanders out to sea while Dylan stays on board, he can see her swimming with Wavedancer, and it makes him feel safe to know the Tide Glider is close. And though the rest of the crew don't know it, Wavedancer may be a big reason as to why Harry has such a hard time killing this boy...

Dip & Deep


Species: Seashocker

Gender: Male

Wild Dragon


Sneaky and predatory, these two thought they'd given Dylan and Splashwing a hard time...until Dylan decided to introduce them to Riptide.



Species: Submaripper

Gender: Male

Wild Dragon


Darkbreather is a high-strung, tempermental Submaripper. When Dylan and Splashwing find this dragon, they get the brilliant idea to lead Harry's crew into his jaws.



Species: Purple Death

Gender: Female

Wild Dragon


This Purple Death may end up being the biggest challenge yet for the little crew of the Unsinkable enemy far more terrifying than any other they have faced.

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