Character Profile: Carsten

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Theme Song: "Marchin' On" by OneRepublic

Instrumental Theme: "Sprightly" Cover by Nichodelaya

Carsten by Dorina the Dragon trainer

Species: Terrible Terror

Gender: Male

Height: 1 ft. 5 in. (at the withers)

Trainer: Norbert Haugen

Home: Berk

Attack: 8

Speed: 10

Armor: 6

Firepower: 12

Shot Limit: 10

Venom: 12

Jaw Strength: 2

Stealth: 12

Favorite Food: Salmon

Favorite Island: Berk

Favorite Activities: Doing tricks, flying, and socializing

Abilities: Shoots fireballs, venomous bite, crawl through small crevices

Saddle: None; too small to ride

Appearance: Yellow with orange-brown markings and wings, a pale belly, and bright yellow eyes. He is about the size of a large cat, like most Terrors.

Personality: Carsten is very bright and uses his smarts for tricks, training, and pranks. He's also reliable. He'll fetch Norbert whatever he needs, and when it's necessary, he is one of the best airmail dragons around. He's extremely playful and fun-loving, but when push comes to shove, he's kind of a coward. Nevertheless, he'll ride into danger on Norbert's saddle (or hidden in his coat) and light his arrows on fire for him if he needs to. One could say his courage knows no bonds...if only because in order to have courage, one must first be afraid, and Carsten is afraid of everything but faces them anyway when called upon! Generally, though, Carsten prefers to stay at home and clean up table scraps and play with Norbert's younger sister Munchy. He'll bound around her like a happy puppy, always eager for games of chase and fetch, treats, and cuddles. At night, he'll curl up by the fire or in Dollop's lap and enjoy his well-earned nap.

Strengths: Cunning and sneaky, courageous, absolutely adorable, shoots fireballs, strong venom, strong firepower, high shot limit, fun-loving, intelligent, reliable, sweet, obedient

Flaws/Weaknesses: Small, easily distracted, easily frightened, food territorial, low jaw strength, low attack

Worst Fear: Pretty much everything scary

Backstory: Norbert wanted to get a dragon, and so Fishlegs suggested he start with a Terrible Terror. With a new nest having hatched, Norbert went to pick up a baby from the litter (and convinced his friend Whisper to do the same). He ended up bringing home Carsten, named courtesy of Fishlegs. The family immediately thought Carsten had been a good idea; he was a great addition to their household, good with Norbert's little sister, obedient, and very trainable and sweet.

Bond Between Norbert and Carsten: Carsten is more of the family dragon than Norbert's personal dragon. He mostly hangs out around the house or with other Terrors perching on houses. He's very well-trained and will perch on Norbert's arm or shoulder when called and leave his arm to hunt small animals, fish, or fetch objects he's learned by name and bring them back. In battle, he generally hides in Norbert's shirt or saddle-bags, but he'll come forth when Norbert calls him and set fire to Norbert's arrow-tips. He likes to sleep in Norbert's bed and keeps his feet warm, but in general, the two are only seen together when Norbert is home.

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