Character Profile: Sparrow

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Theme Song: "Troublemaker" by Olly Murs

Instrumental Theme: "Slapstick" from Soundcloud

Sparrow by Dorina the Dragon trainer

Species: Terrible Terror

Gender: Female

Height: 1 ft. 5 in. (at the withers)

Trainer: Whisper Norling

Home: Berk

Attack: 8

Speed: 10

Armor: 6

Firepower: 12

Shot Limit: 10

Venom: 12

Jaw Strength: 2

Stealth: 12

Favorite Food: Anything...though perhaps she favors paper

Favorite Island: Wherever there's things to eat or destroy

Favorite Activities: Eating, sleeping, and tearing things apart

Abilities: Shoots fireballs, venomous bite, crawl through small crevices

Saddle: None; too small to ride

Appearance: General appearance of a Terrible Terror, green with brown markings and wings, a pale belly, and bright yellow eyes. She is about the size of a large cat, like most Terrors.

Personality: Sparrow is downright annoying. She refuses to follow her house training, chews up important papers, sets fire to the furniture, sings early in the morning and late at night keeping everyone awake, and she's notorious for eating everything in sight - your dinner, your chair, your books, your homework... Although she doesn't mind people petting her, she is only ever affectionate if she's trying to steal your food and can be extremely territorial of any food in her possession; if you try to take her bone, she will growl and snap at you, no matter how big you are in comparison. She's also insanely curious and will go after (and attack and chew) anything that catches her eye, which is pretty much anything that moves or sparkles. (If you project a light, she will chase it forever.) Although stubborn and obstinate when caught misbehaving, she's pretty cowardly when faced with actual danger. Sometimes she gets a sick satisfaction out of other's frustrations. However, she is never purposefully malicious, mischievous and sneaky though she may be, more just self-seeking. Selfish, self-indulgent, and yellow-bellied, she will still attack someone who attacks anyone she considers part of her "flock"...if she thinks she can get away with it. (Thankfully, she finds it hilarious when she bites enemies in the rear, which can boost her courage.) She's far more likely to join in a fight if it's a group effort than she is if she stands alone.

Strengths: Cunning and sneaky, absolutely adorable, cast-iron stomach, shoots fireballs, strong venom, strong firepower, high shot limit, fun-loving, intelligent

Flaws/Weaknesses: Small, selfish, indulgent, loud, easily distracted, destructive, bad aim, food territorial, disobedient, cowardly, takes joy in annoying others, rude, low jaw strength, low attack, gets cold easily in winter

Worst Fear: Going hungry

Backstory: Whisper's best human friend, Norbert, decided to get a Terrible Terror because he thought it would be fun. When a new litter needed adopting, he strong-armed Whisper into getting a Terror with him by convincing her she could teach it to deliver airmail. Ylva, Whisper's mother, was sold on the idea by figuring that the Terror could be more of a family dragon. Whisper ended up with Sparrow, and there has been days where she's regretted this...a lot. While Winterwind, Whisper's Woolly Howl, was very happy to have her first baby dragon to coddle over, Sparrow was a nightmare from the start, to the point where Ylva now makes a point of telling Whisper that the Terror is "your dragon." Even Winterwind started leaving the room when the little Terror entered. Sparrow wouldn't respond to any training whatsoever, including house training. On top of everything, she doesn't seem receptive to airmail delivery, her original intended purpose. She has been run through the idea of airmail but has never actually reliably delivered a message.

Bond Between Whisper and Sparrow: Sparrow regularly ignores Whisper when given a command, and Whisper swears the little Terror thinks it's hilarious when Whisper gets mad. Sparrow sees no point in doing what Whisper wants and thinks doing things her way is far more fun. If Whisper doesn't let her chew things and withholds her dinner because she made an uh-oh in the living room, it's just because Whisper is a mean, mean human! And if there's scary things happening, Sparrow is hiding in Whisper's jacket or under a table until the absolute last minute. She'll save Whisper's life, but only if it seems she truly has no other way out of it. Whisper's not sure whether the Terror really does love her in the end or simply uses her for food, but whatever the case, she spends most of her time with the Terror annoyed with her.

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