Character Profile: Ylva Norling

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Ylva Norling

Theme Song: "I'd Give My Life For You" from Miss Saigon

Instrumental Theme: "Winter's Tale" by BrunuhVille

Nickname: Ylva the Lame

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Weight: 131 pounds

Height: 5 ft 4 in.

Clan: Hairy Hooligans

Home: Berk

Favorite Food: Eggs

Favorite Dragons: Doesn't have a favorite

Favorite Island: Berk

Favorite Activities: Reading, spending time with her daughter, cooking, caring for others

Dragons: Pickle (Male Windgnasher)

Appearance: Dark brunnette with dark brown eyes and pale skin, high cheekbones and an angular face. Her clothes are not elaborate or flashy but very plain. She has a damaged knee and thigh that bear scars that she keeps covered at all times. Due to this, she wears a brace on her leg and walks with a crutch.

Personality: Ylva is a very blunt person and sometimes can be a bit flaky. However, she works very hard to get everything done, which says a lot as, thanks to her leg, it generally takes her five extra minutes to do every little task. She gets off on making others food and taking care of others. For this reason, she just loves her pets and would not give up her daughter even when given the chance to "correct" her "mistake" in having her. She takes bad behavior towards her a little too well, without retaliating and making excuses for others instead of holding them responsible. For this reason, people who are around her think of her as extremely nice, but those of her who don't like her feel like she's plotting against them (when in reality, it's the opposite) or they take advantage and walk all over her.

Strengths: Patient. intelligent, kind, motherly

Flaws/Weaknesses: Flaky, disabled, makes excuses for people who treat her wrongly

Worst Fear: Not giving Whisper the life she deserves

Abilities: Good at reading; understands basic medical potions; can teach skiing and fencing, though she can no longer perform either

Weapons: Once she fought with a sword, but her injury has put those days behind her.

Backstory: Ylva Norling is Whisper's mother. In the time of dragon fighting, her leg was badly injured, crippling her for life and ruining her times as a skier and swordswoman. She had a relationship with Spitz Stian, a handsome and fun-loving man who cared far too much about what people thought of him and needed to be the center of attention. Ylva believed he would come around to marrying her, but he never did, and when he found out she was to have their child, he got in his boat and sailed away from Berk. No one has seen him since. But despite being a single, disabled mother, Ylva still manages to make a life for herself and her illegitimate daughter. She and Whisper are very close, perhaps because of this. They have a farm with egg-laying chickens and a milk-making yak named Poppy, which they work together to care for. Ylva has learned a little about medicine from Gothi, due to treating the constant neurological pain of her own injury, and is perhaps the most suited to know what plants to use in what potions after Gothi. However, few go to her for medical aid despite this because Ylva is generally avoided in the village, due to making the mistake of having a child out of wedlock and then, worse, keeping the child. Ylva claims being a mother is the most rewarding thing she's ever done, and she wouldn't give up Whisper for the world. She tries very hard to assure her daughter that she is loved and that her life is worthwhile.


"Sometimes people do stupid or crazy things because they're scared."

"Please unstick your dragon from the doorway."

"If you want to sleep in a turnout shed, that's up to you, but I think our spare rug might be more comfortable."

"Your boat is looking a bit fragile. Good swimmers, I hope?"

"Eventually you'll find out you're not invincible. We all do."

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