Character Profile: Pickle

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Theme Song: "Home" by Phillip Phillips

Instrumental Theme: "Meant to Be" by Two Steps From Hell

Species: Windgnasher

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft (at the hump)

Riders: Ylva Norling

Home: Berk

Favorite Food: Tuna

Favorite Island: Icestorm Island

Favorite Activities: Flying, eating, making new friends, tracking

Abilities: Tracking, sharpshooting, blizzard attack

Saddle: A leather saddle with a sturdy wooden tree designed to support his rider

Appearance: Green with the general appearance of a Windgnasher, with a bumpy hide, frill, hump, and bludgeon-like tail.

Personality: Pickle is a bit like a hound dog, except for always having his nose in the dirt, he constantly has it to the wind. He's known for exploring every scent he can, often with an uncanny focus once he finds the scent. A headstrong individual, he will never be turned aside from his quest, whether it's to check out a scent or simply to be by a friend's side. He's known for his friendly and genial nature and is a natural leader.

Strengths: Peaceful, kind, gentle, long-range ice blast, laid-back, good-natured, cold-tolerant, curious and inquisitive, great tracker

Flaws/Weaknesses: Goofy, easily led astray, stubborn, bulky

Worst Fear: Has never contemplated this

Backstory: Pickle was found near Icestorm by Whisper and Norbert. Norbert named the dragon, and he follows them home. Though accepted as the ice dragon trainer, Whisper could not connect with the headstrong dragon. When called out on another mission, Pickle was left with Ylva, who began to bond with the dragon, drawn in by his bold and gentle nature. When her daughter goes missing, despite her injury, Ylva wastes no time getting help from Pickle to save the day. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Bond Between Gertrude and Pickle: Pickle is more than just Ylva's dragon or even her best friend. He is Ylva's mobility. Ylva learns to work with and around Pickle's own adventurous tendencies and self-needs, and Pickle does the same thing, learning to move out of Ylva's way when she's trying to walk by and taking care to be gentle around her. And when Ylva leaves her crutch behind and climbs into Pickle's saddle, Pickle gives her freedom Ylva hasn't had since her injury. Pickle tends to follow his nose and wander off at times, but he likes to keep Ylva in sight at all times. Ylva and Pickle can understand each other in a deep and meaningful way and can generally sense the other's emotions and needs. But that doesn't stop Ylva from being a little miffed whenever Pickle puts his nose somewhere he shouldn't!

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