SoD Dragons: Stoker Class Part 1

Published on by WhispertheWolf

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Sex: Female

Species: Terrible Terror

Sparrow is spunky, troublesome, and a true terror. Selfish and gluttonous, she will destroy your house and eat everything in sight. (I'm pretty sure her favorite snack is paper. Particularly if it was an important paper.) But she's just too cute and cuddly not to love...even while she's slowly driving you insane.

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Sex: Male

Species: Terrible Terror (Titan Wing)

Intelligent and experienced, Carsten is a perfect family pet, acting as an old and understanding pony to new riders and hanging out and playing with youngsters. He'll even clean table scraps for the adults. He's like a giant pony guard dog.

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Sex: Male

Species: Singetail

Brightsoul is a dragon I rescued from Dragon Hunters and who later helped me against the Green Death. He's always positive and always dependable and a true friend.


Sex: Female

Species: Night Terror

Eclipse is a great protector, always looking out for those she considers her pack. She rarely questions what's right or wrong and only acts for the betterment of herself and her pack.


Sex: Female

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

Firegale is a fiery girl. She has a strong sense of honor and an even stronger temper! However, she also has a whimsical side; some of her favorite things are soft music and sweet scented flowers. These will calm her right down.

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Sex: Male

Species: Monstrous Nightmare (Titan Wing)

Ridgeback is a snappish creature but can be surprisingly affectionate. An ancient beast, he is perfectly happy with visitors to his lair so long as he gets his way about things.


Sex: Female

Species: Fireworm

Sunheart is extremely caring and extremely protective. She can act like a bit of a princess sometimes (or, erm, a queen), but she will always, always, defend the dragons of her nest.


Sex: Male

Species: Typhoomerang

Fiesty and easily angered, this dragon is one big attention hog!


Sex: Male

Species: Moldruffle

Lionheart is bold, fiery, and cat-like. His courage knows no bounds.

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Sex: Female

Species: Silver Phantom

Calm and serene, Legacy is still a bit shy around people and only lets those who she's come to trust ride her.

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Sex: Female

Species: Flame Whipper

An adventurous rascal with a lot of love, Scout is fearless in the face of any danger and affectionate to all who don't antagonize her.

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