SoD Dragons: Tidal Class

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Sex: Female

Species: Sliquifier

Splashwing is a very sweet and loving dragon and one of the best friends anyone could ask for. If you're with her, she will take care of you, no matter what.


Sex: Female

Species: Thunderdrum

Seacry is a tough protector! Never mess with her pack or your eardrums will burst!

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Sex: Male

Species: Thunderdrum (Titan Wing)

An ancient sea creature, Darkbreather is as mysterious as the ocean depths.


Sex: Male

Species: Sand Wraith

Duststorm is a nasty thing. He only sticks around for the food and is always encouraging me to cheat or use dirty tactics when racing so he can win. But he does actually care for us as family deep down...very deep deep down as the hole he dug in the beach sand...


Sex: Male

Species: Shockjaw

Zipzap thinks its funny to zap people randomly. He can be a lot of fun to play with, but watch yourself!


Sex: Male

Species: Scauldron

Riptide is a fierce dragon. Only he decides when he wants to be ridden. Be weary around him.

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Sex: Female

Species: Windwalker

Freyasfang is one of the gentlest dragons out there, a playful and sweet creature, but she also takes great joy in tearing through the skies!

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Sex: Female

Species: Tide Glider

Wavedancer is a bit skittish, but if you earn her trust, she will grace you with her regal presence and heal any wound you have.

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