SoD Dragons: Tracker Class

Published on by WhispertheWolf


Sex: Female

Species: Deadly Nadder

Brightclaw was my first dragon. She loves attention and playing fetch and is basically a big baby. Because I didn't know what I was doing when I first got her, she's not very well trained.

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Sex: Male

Species: Deadly Nadder (Titan Wing)

One of the most hot-tempered creatures I've ever come across, Horntail would sooner impale a human than befriend one. He's the wildest dragon I know and as ancient as they come, a true denizen of what it means to be a Titan Wing.


Sex: Female

Species: Mudraker

Mudraker wants to play. All. Day. Long. You have been warned.


Sex: Male

Species: Rumblehorn

A strong and powerful protector, Bullheart watches over the dragons of the stables with a stern, disciplining eye. I think he's Oakclaw's second-in-command.

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