Character Profile: Dasher

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Theme Song: "Believe" by Josh Groban

Instrumental Theme: "Wonderous Winter" by Groove Addicts

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Species: Woolly Howl

Subspecies: Snoggletog Wraith

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft 2 in. (at the withers)

Rider: No permanent rider/wild but tamed dragon

Home: Unknown

Speed: 18

Firepower: 14

Shot Limit: 6

 Favorite Food: Peppermint

Favorite Island: Berk

Favorite Activities: Flying, giving gifts, doing good deeds, dressing up in fine things, and serving himself fine foods! He's quite happy to let the people of Berk pamper him, as well as play with the children and give them rides.

Abilities: Blizzard flying, shoots hailstones, speed flying, can use claws on wings to cling to mountainsides, high intelligence

Saddle: A bright red Snoggletog saddle with evergreen trim. This trim is regularly replaced as the old trim withers. Whisper had this made for him, and he'll wear it proudly when he visits.

Appearance: General appearance of a Snoggletog Wraith, white with bluish-green wings speckled with white dots, blue eyes and mouth, and golden claws. He also likes to decorate himself in red and gold decorations, which include bells on his color, in the hopes that this way he will attract a mate.

Personality: Loving, peaceful, brave, generous, materialistic, and prideful. He enjoys fine things, like great feasts and festive clothes and decorations, and he can be quite determined in getting them. Material things have great value to him, and he can be quite snobbish about them, including the decorations he puts on his person. However, he's always ready to give to others, too. Dasher is generally a pacifist but will act in self-defense and fierce defense of anyone he sees as innocent or kind at heart. He's also extremely joyful and jolly and is never mean-spirited, even when he's acting a bit like a snob. He is a gentle but powerful friend...even if he can be a little full of himself. His compassion and his arrogance both know no bounds!

Strengths: Fast, physically strong, great endurance, brave, intelligent, generous, gentle, sweet, cold-resistant, non-violent, jolly

Flaws/Weaknesses: Easily overheated, fur-like scales not fireproof, fur-like scales can get waterlogged when wet and weigh him down, arrogant, snobbish, materialistic, vain

Worst Fear: Unknown

Backstory: Whisper Norling and her Woolly Howl Winterwind met Dasher one Snoggletog Eve. Having now trained a Woolly Howl, Whisper was fascinated to see if she could meet the famous Snoggletog Wraith that would fly over Berk almost every year. They intercepted him flying overhead. At first he was weary of the human, but the female Woolly Howl interested him, and he eventually began following them until Whisper and Winterwind led him down to Berk. There he was greated like a celebratory, and once he was convinced these humans were safe, he seemed to enjoy the attention. It soon became clear this Snoggletog Wraith, who Whisper began calling "Dasher" for his speed and "dashing" looks, had a crush on Winterwind. He stayed for Snoggletog and left the evening of it, but every year he comes back earlier and earlier for longer and longer visits, always leaving when Snoggletog ends. He seems to try to get Winterwind to leave with him every year, and no matter how well he's treated while at Berk - everyone seems to enjoy him and enjoy pampering him - he always seems called away by something. Whisper is fascinated to learn why and thinks the answer may lie in further study of the Snoggletog Wraith subspecies.


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