Character Profile: The King

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The King

Theme Song: "King" by Lauren Aquilina

Instrumental Theme: "King of the North" by BrunuhVille

King Edit by Frytha

Species: Bewilderbeast

Gender: Male

Height: 160 ft

Rider: No permanent rider/wild dragon

Home: Between Homes

Attack: 50

Speed: 6

Armor: 38

Firepower: 60

Shot Limit: 8

Venom: 0

Jaw Strength: 48

Stealth: 2

Favorite Food: Salmon

Favorite Island: None

Favorite Activities: Sleeping, seeing his dragons happy, eating, being at peace

Abilities: Can build icy nests, trap opponents, or destroy structures in ice; can bend other dragons to his will if he wins alpha position, fast swimmer

Saddle: None

Appearance: General appearance of a Bewilderbeast, a snowy white hide with curving facial horns. One atypical feature about him is that his markings are jet-black.

Personality: This Bewilderbeast is young and inexperienced.While benevolent and protective, he is still learning to be a wise leader. Gentle and brave. he currently suffers from a lack of self-confidence. While eager to regain his position as king, he never looks forward to a fight, instead hoping to enjoy a relaxing home for himself and his nest. .

Strengths: Large, powerful, well-armored, high shot limit, kind, protective, gentle, brave, calm, can withstand extreme temperatures,
fast swimmer, good fisher

Not fast on land, lacks confidence, inexperienced

Worst Fear: Failing to be a king

Backstory:  This Bewilderbeast doesn't really have a name because neither Whisper nor Norbert felt they had the right to name him. They call him King because that is what he is. Icevein is the one who chances upon this beast while flying between Berk and Icestorm Island. The King is a young Bewilderbeast who lost his first throne to a more experienced challenger. Feeling she an empathize with this creature's plight, Whisper is keen on helping him and is the first to insist they call him the King because she's convinced he will be one again.

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