Whisper and Winterwind: A Poem

Published on by WhispertheWolf

By Wolflight


Starlight and snow,

The beat of wings, steady and sure,

Any element he can endure,

Forget the pain of our loss and the grief that life does throw,

We let our thoughts sink deep with the snow,

So silent and powerful,

Like wolf, Lynx and bear,

Below us the tracks of a lone snowshoe hare,

The mountains like jagged dragon teeth,

Dormant volcanoes slumber beneath,

The ice and frost like mirrors,

Reflect our shadows from on high,

Dragon and girl as one in the sky,

We swoop as Eagles do,

Smudging the clouds of dusky blue,

The howls of wolf,

Through the tundra ring,

A haunting melody, they doth sing,

Cold is the air,

That numbs my cheeks and freezes my hair,

The tang of pine and animal musk,

Winterwind's fur white as Ivory,

Like a mammoths tusk,

Gliding low over glaciers,

Like frozen, twisted, fangs,

From Winterwind's chin an icicle hangs,

The moonlight paints the scene vibrant white,

Causing a passing wolf pack to glow in the light,

The sea is a steely grey,

Writhing with foam,

The girl clings to her dragon glad she's not alone,

Winterwind and Whisper,

Like birds of a feather,

Drifiting and blazing like howling wolf weather.

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