Character Profile: Avalanche

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Theme Song: "Ice Queen" by Within Temptation

Instrumental Theme: "Flying Snow" by Two Steps from Hell

Species: Snow Wraith

Gender: Female

Height: 6 ft (at the withers)

Rider: None

Home: Glacier Island

Attack: 18

Speed: 18

Armor: 22

Firepower: 24

Shot Limit: 10

Venom: 0

Jaw Strength: 8

Stealth: 30

Favorite Food: Pork

Favorite Island: Glacier Island

Favorite Activities: Hunting, flying, being left alone

Abilities: Blizzard flying, shoots frost fusillades, speed flying, can use claws on wings and tail to cling to glaciers and snow, thermal vision, high intelligence, glacial tunneling

Saddle: None; wild and unridden

Appearance: General appearance of a Snow Wraith, snowy white with blue eyes.

Personality: Avalanche is erratic, vicious, predatory, solitary, and reclusive. Friendship, to her, is only weakness, and so she fails to understand her own loneliness. When wronged, she is vengeful out of honor. Avalanche appears to embody all the unpleasant things about the winter season: the coldness, bitterness, silence, misery, and relentless of the ice and snow. She forms no relationships, human or dragon, but remains cold to all. She breathes death into the world: death, quiet, and cold.

Strengths: Fast, well-armored, high firepower, high attack, high shot limit, high jaw strength, high stealth, intelligent, fearless, cold-resistant

Flaws/Weaknesses: Easily overheated, erratic, vicious, adverse to friendship, stubborn, vengeful, bitter

Worst Fear: Homelessness

Backstory: Avalanche is a Snow Wraith the Woolly Howl Winterwind once encountered and accidentally wronged. Winterwind is not a fighter and left, but Avalanche apparently wants revenge all-the-same. Now driven away from Glacier Island due to a lack of territory, she continually hunts Winterwind and now her rider, the Viking girl Whisper, as well.

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