Character Profile: Icevein

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Theme Song: "Ready to Run" by One Direction

Instrumental Theme: "The Right Spirit" by Jochem Weierink

Icevein by KareKare

Icevein by Tyrannosaur66

Species: Groncicle

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft (at the withers)

Rider: Whisper Norling

Home: Berk/Icestorm Island

Speed: 12

Firepower: 12

Shot Limit: 10

Favorite Food: Arctic Char

Favorite Island: Berk

Favorite Activities: Eating, sleeping, cuddling, and learning new things

Abilities: Breathes liquid nitrogen that freezes instantly, can patch roofs and make bridges with ice, exploding ice attack, can lower the temperature of clouds to make rain or snow, proficient swimmer

Saddle: A fur-covered leather saddle that keeps his rider from freezing on his cold skin.

Appearance: General appearance of a Groncicle, icy blue and white, Gronckle-like with a more streamline body, a low-set head on a neck, a long tail, spikes on its chin, and a ridge on its back shaped like mountains. His eyes are bright blue and shining.

Personality: Few dragons are sweeter than Icevein. He is a big softie! If you are nice to him, he will cuddle you immediately. (But this is not to be encouraged, as his hugs are kind of cold.) His lovingness can get on the nerves of those type of people who can't stand bubbliness, and Icevein can be oblivious to people's annoyance towards him. (Those people who don't like happy dogs, you won't like Icevein.) He also trusts most people and dragons very easily, which can make him vulnerable. But once he's been mistreated, all sweetness is gone. He is cool under pressure and will almost never lose his head in a stressful situation. His courage knows no bounds, but that might be because he's too young for fear. Because of this, he tends not to think before he leaps. This can be especially detrimental because he's not the brightest bulb of the bunch. Icevein is still growing up and learning who he is, so sometimes he will have unexplainable moments of recklessness. He's also extremely food-motivated and will be distracted by any sort of fish. And like any Groncicle, he's extremely lazy and tends to fall asleep in the middle of things if he's been working a lot. While brave and calm, he's not particularly useful in the thinking or planning department and is not always reliably efficient.

Strengths: Strong armor, high shot limit, can withstand the coldest temperatures, can affect weather, agile, level-headed, cool under pressure, courageous, apt swimmer, friendly and non-aggressive, helpful

Flaws/Weaknesses: Easily overheats and can't stay south of the Arctic Circle in summer, gullible, lazy, gluttonous, reckless, not particularly smart, oblivious to people's annoyance

Worst Fear: Too young for fear as of now

Backstory: Johann picked up his Icevein's egg, mistaking it for an Orb of Frozen Futures. During his voyage to Berk, the egg hatched. The Viking girl Whisper and her Woolly Howl Winterwind, sent to find Johann, discovered the baby Groncicle and brought him to Hiccup for help. Nothing they did seemed to make the baby happy until it led them to a island to the north. It was deemed Icestorm Island, and here Whisper and Winterwind tended to the baby Groncicle in a snowy nest they made. Winterwind doted on the little hatchling like he was her own. Eventually Icevein found his family and was reunited with the mother who laid his egg. Whisper and Winterwind continued to visit the wild Groncicles as Icevein grew into an adolescent, and after they helped to save his little siblings from Mildew, Icevein decided to give up his home and family to be Whisper's dragon. He still has to live on Icestorm Island during the summer months, but once it gets cool, he comes to live with Whisper, Winterwind, Whisper's mother Ylva, and Whisper's Terrible Terror Sparrow.

Bond Between Whisper and Icevein: Icevein thinks of Whisper and Winterwind as mothers or aunts; maybe he'll see Whisper as an older sister sometimes. He generally obeys Whisper with puppy-dog like devotion, and his love for her is unbreakable, but Whisper sometimes still treats him like a hatchling, and he does sometimes get frustrated with her protectiveness of him. Also, Icevein's recklessness can get the better of him before Whisper can stop him, and sometimes he would prefer to slip away or look for food when Whisper needs his help. But so long as Icevein is well-fed and well-rested, he's generally pretty reliable and sometimes even more reliable than Winterwind in a tight spot due to his tendency to stay calm. Whisper and Icevein are very cooperative with one another and care about one another deeply but are not very good at "sensing" one another or communicating quickly in tense situations. It's a strong bond but lacking the understanding one usually sees between a dragon and rider that have been together for a long time.

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